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Work with Me! 

* Free 20 minute Consult

* 4 week - Jump Start Your Health -  $499

* 6 week - Revitalize Self - $729

12 week - Health Makeover  - Inquire for pricing

Each program is individualized to your needs,
you will be supported and held accountable. 

Jump Start - Together we'll explore areas of your health that need attention and target one specific behavior to improve.

Revitalize Self - Improving your health means making time for you. 
Together we will create a plan that will enable you to improve no more than 2 behaviors needing some TLC. 

Health Makeover - Lifestyle change requires self patience and kindness. 
Together we will work on a realistic and achievable plan that you can stick with to boost your energy and mood.  

Schedule a Free Consultation and let's work together to choose the right plan for you! 

Health Makeover Program

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You can achieve a full Health Makeover in just 3 months.


In the next 12 weeks you will: 

-Change your mindset!

-Let go of unhealthy habits for the last time!

-Finally implement a self care routine you won’t start and stop or put on the back burner! 


At the end of this individualized 12 week program, you will be a totally different person

and well on your way towards the lifestyle you dream about!


Get ready to change your mindset and see your physical presence change along with it because



The start of the program will lay the foundation for your health makeover. 


Your beginning modules will include:


Revealing your true desire: I will work with you one on one to define your ultimate goal through

this process. Focusing on the achievement of one goal throughout our 12 weeks together is the

key to achieving many! Intention is the key to manifestation and sets the tone for the work

needed to reach your goal! 


Patterns of Behavior: Patterns of behavior either keep you stuck or keep you moving forward, it all depends on which pattern you have developed. I will work with you to define the current patterns preventing you from being the you, you know you can be and exchange them for the patterns that will keep you moving towards your goals. It’s time to stop rationalizing all the excuses and get your sexy back!


Pinpoint the roadblocks:  Does this sound familiar- you set your intention and plan out your day, but for some reason it doesn’t get done? Together we will nail down the things that pop-up & get in the way of doing what you planned. We will create a plan on how to deal and navigate around  the unexpected.  


Next, you will implement small changes in behavior to boost your energy and maximize daily success while unloading additional patterns contributing to your low energy, on-going fatigue and feelings of discontent and unfulfillment. 


Reduce Stress & Anxiety - The day’s schedule is already packed. Trying to complete the daily check-list is hard enough.  You wonder, how can I add on any more, right? You are likely to feel overwhelmed and defeated before you even begin. We will take time to look at the schedule, break things down and find pockets of time for you to do the things you need to do. 


Boost Your Energy - Deciding what to eat once you are hungry is often where mistakes happen. Preparing ahead is key. You will have plenty of food options that will keep you energized and feeling satisfied over a longer period of time.  It’s not about eliminating groups of food.  You will never be required to miss out on special occasions or traditions that include great food, this is not a diet it's a lifestyle change!  In addition to food, you will explore your drinking choices. Caffeine is often the go to for a quick pick me up, but maybe there is a better alternative. 


Self Care - Building a balanced routine, doing the things you enjoy and being with those you love are an important part of your wellness. When you are busy doing all the things that need to be done, and leave yourself for last, you are left feeling exhausted and unfulfilled. Find ways to recharge by connecting with the things that bring you joy and happiness. When you do, you will be amazed with how you feel and look! 




 Your continued success is my priority, let’s stay in touch and check in! Life changes all the time and I want to make sure you are able to stay on track  through it all! 

-2 individual check-ins the first month

-1 monthly group call

-Continued Peer Support through our Private Facebook Group

Schedule a Free 20 minute consultation to discuss Your best program options!

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