Learning to Put Yourself First

to create a healthy lifestyle.

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Join me for this Free Live 3 day event!
August 16-19, 2022, 7:00 pm EST 

Day 1 - Explore Your Daily Activity

  • Discuss habits you have (some you may not even realize).

  • These behaviors/habits may have been acquired or learned from others.

  • What is it that you would like to improve or change for yourself?

Day 2 -  Making Time for You

  • Your schedule is already full and you are likely to feel overwhelmed with the idea of adding something else even if it's for yourself.

  • Learn how to say NO.

  • Accept and/or ask for help from others. You don't need to do it all.  

Day 3 -  Small Adjustments Make a Difference

  • Change can be scary even when you are fully committed to yourself.

  • Too much change all at once is hard to maintain.

  • Keep things manageable to help build your motivation.